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Week 15 2014, from April 7th.

Weekend dress of a couple of serious dudes.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Droll little but fast sloop.
Hans A.

Film crew.
Hans A.

Van Muyden.
Hans A.

Just married.
Hans A.

Jolly discussion.
Hans A.

Beauty in the Bagels & Beans.
Hans A.

Vroom vroom, goes the Honda Zoomer.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

A charming Delivery Vespa.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

First stage of the outbound trip.
Hans A.

An astoundingly silent ride through the loud traffic.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Auvillers les Forges
musing in the new Spring.
Bel Any.

The new houseboat in the Prinsengracht
opposite the Amstelveld seems to be almost finished.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Met een paar weken in De FOTOgraaf,
fantastische foto's van art director/fotograaf Ron Gessel.

A white sloop underneath.
Hans A.

Segway pushed trailer.
Hans A.

I've read all the books.
Hans A.

10:45. Early lunch.
Hans A.

Tambourin door een gat in het struweel.
Bel Any.

Cucumber is always welcome!
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Fred Schmidt (De Verbeelding) made a photo of Noella
in the Stedelijk Museum, Marijke on the left, also keeps an eye on her,
the old Appel on the wall.

An utterly pleasant meeting
in the afternoon with photographer Ron Gessel.
Hans A.

Hans A.

The olden wooden boat readied for the season.
Hans A.

The old handicraft.
Hans A.

Cool for the time of the year.
Hans A.

The glass front of the Stedelijk Museum
has the effect of a nonaligned, angled mirror.
Hans A.

Dit is een foto van de vos die mij af en toe gezelschap houdt tijdens een deel van mijn vroege ochtendwandeling. Deze foto is genomen toen we samen langs de weg zaten en ik de vos de gelegenheid gaf te ontdekken dat ik geen kwaad in de zin had door mijn hand te laten ruiken. Ik kreeg zelfs een lik. Ary Hobbel, Rock Island, San Juan County.

This is a portrait of a series which capture not only the intricate beauty of the projectors and the other tools of the projectionists’ trade, but the decades’ worth of history etched into these spaces through handwritten notes, personal photographs, fading film posters, and other ephemera—a reminder that film is, first and foremost, a physical medium. By opening up these hidden, even secret environments, Holmes brings to light an intrinsic yet rarely seen aspect of the cinematic experience, and pays tribute to the practitioners of a unique and increasingly endangered art form. Joe Holmes, JOE’S. NYC. http://josephholmes.io/blog/

Found parking place.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

More and more difficult
to walk on the sidewalk anywhere.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Is niet elk gezamenlijk uitje
een persoonlijke ontdekkingsreis?
Hans A.

Misschien is Dirk wel weer op weg naar
een oude man die met een brancard niet over de trap of
met een lift naar beneden gebracht kan worden.
Hans A.

De voorjaarsschoonkmaak
wordt hier en daar voortvarend aangepakt.
Bart van Dijk

Electric or not?
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

More and more barricades and chicanes on the footpath.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Hotel de l'Europe!
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Photographer Jeff Wall in the Stedelijk Museum.
Until August 3rd 2014.

Photographer Jeff Wall in the Stedelijk Museum.

Heute Stuttgart, Walter Gotschke.

In the light of more unique lamps
mosaic cushions.
Hans A.

Model of a stack of flats.
Hans A.

Enigmatic objets d'art.
Hans A.

Another lamp.
Hans A.

Some of many more wondrous lamps.
Hans A.

She looked amazed by the fantastic objects
created by Marcel Wanders, and will probably still be
when she reviews the snaps at home.
Hans A.

The exhibition of Marcel Wanders
is so surprisingly no perplexingly beautiful
that I'd suggest to come to the Stedelijk Museum
so we can see it together.
Hans A.

New trees for the the Singel canal.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Many tourists will give the bikes a try.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Armee grün, machen wir für Sie, said BMW.
Hans A.

Still a bit cold outside.
Hans A.

New heavy-duty hinges.
Hans A.

Ongewoon lekker ja.
Hans A.

Totally teen the logo says.

Teen stuff.
Hans A.

Coffee and paper stopover.
Hans A.

New heavy-duty hinges.
Hans A.

Jolly nice day!
Walter Gotschke

Week 14 2014, from March 31st.

Jolly nice opening
@ Galerie Ron Mandos.

Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

When the sliding door's closed the ship's pretty splashwaterproof.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Once we reached the coast we'll glide to the North ok?
Hopefully we'll see the last rays of the sun.
Hans A.

Let's have a break and drive to the coast!
Hans A.

Ida, right, in the movie.

Gregory Crewdson, Beneath the Roses.

Queen Máxima and King Willem Alexander
arrive at the Rijksmuseum on Saturday morning.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Something happened on the lawn of Brown University.
L.D. Dana.

Not the King's Royce.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

The Royal Couple was in Amsterdam today
where they were visited by the Swedish Royal Couple.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

What's in this name?
Hans A.

He honestly won.
Hans A.

Looking all over town for a parking place he's going
back to his mother without the errands he went out for.
Hans A.

Looking for the papers which are lying on the ground?
Hans A.

It's still for rent, take it easy.
Hans A.

Leaving the house she had grabbed her brother's lunch package.
Hans A.

Imagine, drinking tea on a terrace in Devon!
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Working outside, the sunny side of both worlds.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

While visiting the offices of the ANWB and the KNAC
Gijs Berk remembers his efforts that preceded the choice
and introduction of the Wegenwacht Renaults.
Hans A.

@ 09:30 already actively running around.
Hans A.

My fantastic grandson Dan Edwards
(on the left) often performs intense tasks
lying down and moving at quite a speed
close to the floor.

Spoiled headstart.
Hans A.

Hans A.

Koen Verweij the speedskater in slow motion.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Work and pleasure?
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Merchants Row.
Gregory Crewdson

But what does your mam say?
Hans A.

Remember the Skoda of yesteryear, quite a leap they made.
Hans A.

I don't like the stroll pace, she said.
Hans A.

It's dangerous in the city and hazy in the country.
Hans A.

This Chrysler Windsor rolled out of the factory
in 1952, but today still rides around in 2014 San Miguel.
In 1963 it was a huge step from my light blue Austin Se7en
to the light blue Chrysler.
Photo Hans Berkhout

Shopping spree.
Hans Berkhout

Nifty Lambo as shopping cart.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Fans in front of Tuschinsky.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Not exactly a submarine.
Hans A.

Careful, careful!
Hans A.

No waste this kinda action.
Hans A.

Whatchamacallit, a watchdog.
Hans A.

Non stock lock.
Hans A.

Ahead of schedule.
Hans A.

Promising fashion.
Hans A.

Life's no joke for all of us.
Hans A.

April 1st.
Promising, promising!
Hans A.

Red is red is red!
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

Another new type of Audi.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

An elderly man though.
Guillaume Ehrenfeldt

The crash with this Lambo Aventador happened
outside the home of Lalit Kumar Modi, the founder of the Indian Premier League,
who tweeted about the accident.
Daily Mail.

Sushi time!

"Ze wil beslist in de stad blijven wonen."
Hans A.

Alles is weer fris.
Hans A.

A person's fears are lighter when the danger is at hand.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Hans A.

In a tearing hurry.
Hans A.

Hier is mijn Facebook-film.

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The Classic Car Show in the Cornelis Schuytstraat 2011.

Expositie Ile Art in Pesmes, France.



Nederland onder water.
De ramp van 2012.

Overlast uitgeversinfo


Koos Herfst

vertelt over zijn zoektochten
naar de regenboog.

Wat een gave foto's!

Een inspirerend boekje over
kijken en fotograferen.

My Promised Land

  In the Spring of 2002 Roger Sparks was traveling
with a virgin agenda when he landed
in America on the off chance, so it seemed at first.
But he had a plan, to meet Dr. Robert Ballard,
the discoverer of the Titanic.


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